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The National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) is the independent knowledge enterprise in the Netherlands on aerospace. The overall mission is making air transport and space exploration safer, more sustainable and more efficient. NLR’s multidisciplinary approach focuses on developing new and cost effective technologies for aviation and space, from design support to production technology and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). More ..

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Clearly visible cockpit displays ? even in bright sunlight

The DERPHOSA project saw NLR joining  forces with several partners to work on new technology for cockpit displays. The new technology sailed through validation testing in 2014, at a 10-km altitude in extremely bright sunlight. The backlights in today?s cockpit … Continue reading

Tested at NLR: ESA’s re-entry vehicle IXV

ESA, the European Space Agency, recently launched a re-entry vehicle to demonstrate the controlled return flight back to Earth. NLR comprehensively tested the descent of the vehicle for the supersonic flight regime in its wind tunnel in Amsterdam. The re-entry … Continue reading

Tool for more dynamic Life Cycle Management

NLR has developed a software tool – Life Cycle Management (Tools4LCM) ? for the Dutch Ministry of Defence. The tool provides insights into the factors that contribute to the availability of military equipment, allowing the Ministry to gain valuable insights … Continue reading

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