Welcome at the NLR Living Lab!

We are what you might call the innovation visionaries at Royal NLR. We are a unique entity within (and also outside) the NLR organisation with a special mission: to make the aerospace sector more innovative by making NLR more innovative. We aim to foster innovation, creativity and curiosity. We like to think out of the box, stir things up and get new stuff happening.

Why? What is our purpose?
We believe it is important to enable people to work on innovative concepts and to develop skills which empower people to dream big, create and to fail. It is ok to fail because we believe it is an opportunity to learn. In short: the desired and essential skills to innovate. As such, the NLR Living Lab stands for a philosophy and a mindset to enable and facilitate disruptive innovation. It requires co-creation and participation to get faster solutions to tackle the environmental changes and make aerospace more sustainable, safe, efficient and effective.

So what do we want to be for you?
Or better, what are we striving for? We are a metaphysical and physical place to experiment and think together, and to connect the aeronautical community and its users to each other and to bridge the gap with non-aeronautical communities in new ways.

For who? For and with our NLR colleagues, and everyone from the aerospace sector and beyond, who is interested in innovation in aerospace.

So let’s connect, meet, share ideas, experiment and discover how we can create and innovate together!

What can Living Lab do for you (and you for us)?

Meeting place

Events to connect and network within and beyond NLR

Inspiration space

Brainstorming &  workshops, business on request, inspirational events

Makers’ space

A space to experiment with access to NLR research infrastructure