Defence and Peacekeeping

Do you operate military aircraft, or rotorcraft? Or are you an MoD official who needs policy advice? We can support anyone in need of: technical and operational support for the safe and effective deployment of air defence platforms; technical support for the acquisition of new weapon systems and their subsequent modifications; support for the life cycle management of aerospace-related weapon systems; support in determining and implementing military aviation standards; research into the environmental aspects pertaining to military aviation and advising the Defence department in the formation of its policy in this area; the implementation or design of effective training programmes for pilots, onboard personnel, ground-station and maintenance personnel of aviation systems; technical support for the interoperability of aviation weapon systems or support for the Ministry of Defence’s general policy. Please feel free to contact us about any question you might have.

If you are looking for support on one of the specific issues listed below, please follow the link, or contact our specialists through the live keyword search.

Our capabilities

additive manufacturing
air transport safety
aircraft component design
aircraft flutter testing and certification
aircraft noise and flight track monitoring
aircraft noise annoyance
aircraft noise policy
aircraft noise sources
aircraft structural dynamic modelling
airspace capacity
alternative energy and fuels
atm & airports
augmented and virtual reality
avionics development & qualification
collaborative engineering
composite manufacturing technologies
composite repair
computational mechanics
coupon testing - materials testing
data link flight testing
education & training
electronic warfare aircraft self protection
emission inventory and reduction
engine liner testing
environmental testing
failure analysis
flexible and affordable flight testing

flexible one-stop-shop flight testing
flight inspection and evaluation
flight physicsflight test consultancy, training and support
flight testing
flight testing for environmental sustainability
force life management
full scale testing-certification testing
gas turbines
geomatics & earth observation
innovative system flight testing
live virtual constructive
measuring control and calibration
metals and coatings
military airworthiness
mission support
modelling & simulation
new cockpit technology flight testing
noise source identification
non destructive inspection
on board data processing
operator performance
optical system flight testing
panel testing
qualification of helicopter deck transport systems
remotely piloted aircraft regulations
rotorcraft airworthiness
rotorcraft flight procedures

rotorcraft performance & handling
rotorcraft technology
RPAS environmental impact, policy and systems
RPAS flight testing
RPAS human effectiveness
satellite navigation
secure collaboration
serious gaming
ship helicopter operational limitations
simulation solutions for aircraft systems
space operations
structural integrity
structures conceptual & detailed design
structures testing & evaluation
thermal comfort
thermal control
third party risk
unmanned rotorcraft systems
weapon systems
wind nuisance
zero-g flight testing