ATM and Airports

Do You Need

• Support to improve ATM and Airport Operations?
• Expert opinion or a second opinion on ATM and Airport Operations?
• Proof of the feasibility of an operational concept or product prototype through simulation and/or testing?
• Verification and/or validation of the capabilities of a product prototype or operational concept?
• Training for ATM and Airport Operations in a very realistic simulation environment?
• Evaluation of the Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) coverage performance of your ATN/VDL Mode 2 infrastructure?

We Have

• Innovative solutions and consultancy for ATM or Airport operational problems
• Unique facilities to create very realistic simulations of operational environments for area control, approach control (NARSIM-Radar) and tower control (NARSIM-Tower)
• Facilities for analysis of traffic flows and their impact on the environment (fast-time simulators TAAM and AirTOp)
• Plug-in capability for your hardware and software in our simulation facilities
• Training facilities for ATM and Airport staff adapted to your specific situation
• Multidisciplinary teams of dedicated and independent operational experts, system development experts, simulation experts, and verification and validation experts
• The means to execute test flights to evaluate the quality of service, the extent and continuity of CPDLC VDL Mode 2 coverage for your airspace according to specifications
• Evaluation capabilities for issues like round trip message transfer and the behavior of handoffs between different ground stations to maintain stable connectivity

NARSIM Tower panorama

Click on the image and move your mouse to look around. Zoom in with Shift Zoom out with Ctrl.


Smart planning curbs emission levels


Fast-Time Simulation of Airports and Airspace [759 KB]
The NLR ATM & Airports Research Infrastructure - NARSIM Tower [883 KB]
The NLR ATM & Airports Research Infrastructure - NARSIM Radar [997 KB]

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