Aircraft noise sources

Do You Need

As an aerospace industry, authority or operator:
• quieter aircraft and rotorcraft to limit noise exposure around densely populated areas and lower emissions?
• reduced noise at the source (airframe, landing gear, high lift devices) for fighter jets, turbo machinery or counter rotating open rotors (CROR)?
• optimised noise abatement procedures?

We Have

Facilities, modelling tools and theoretical knowledge in the area of aircraft noise sources and atmospheric propagation of aircraft noise.

We contribute to the reduction of aircraft noise exposure by supporting:
• industry to design low noise aircraft & rotorcraft (components) by modelling and measuring noise;
• military and civil operators and industry by optimising flight procedures.

We have noise source modelling tools, e.g. to predict propeller & jet noise, noise propagation based on ray acoustics, and models are being developed which focus on weather effects and directivity issues, like SOPRANO (fixed wing), Enoise (jet noise) and HELENA (rotorcraft).

We have sophisticated acoustic test facilities and noise measuring equipment; we also operate a Small Anechoic Wind Tunnel and Flow Duct Facility to measure (aeroacoustic) noise sources from landing gear and wing sections, and the efficiency of the lining material.


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