Aircraft component design

Do You Need

Better aircraft component design in less time at less costs, aiming at product improvement, weight reduction and minimizing production and maintenance costs, including environmental constraints?

We Have

Advanced design capabilities for structural parts, fuselage panels, floor beams, control surfaces (flaps, spoilers, horizontal and vertical tail plane), wings and engine turbine discs, for metal and composites, including GLARE, as well as hybrid materials. Other components include landing gear, power distribution, electrical wiring and interconnection systems, pneumatic systems, environmental control systems and turbine discs for engines. We design components for newly developed aircraft as well as existing aircraft (i.e. retrofit, mainly military).

Additional products such as frangible airport equipment (e.g., approach lights, ILS tower) and space robotic arms are also available and we can offer design and testing methodological advice.


Aircraft wiring
Avionics for NH90 helicopter
Composite components for Lamborghini

Cooling equipment of ISS
LCD screen technology
New speedometer
Power management for fighter jets

Robust composites
Smart fixed-wing aircraft

Relevant Issues

Aircraft component design
Aircraft component structural design
Airport equipment
Approach lights
Computational aspects
Control surfaces
Design and development process
Electric wiring interconnection system
Engine turbine disc

Environmental control system
Flap design
Frangible ILS tower
Frangible structure
Horizontal stabiliser design
Hybrid structural components
Landing gear design
Light-weight component
Pneumatic system
Power distribution system

Robot arm
Robotic arm
Spoiler design
Structural components
Structural design
Tyre design
Vertical tailplane design
Wing design