Air Transport Safety

Do You Need

• To know what impact any change in operation or any future ATM concept may have on safety?
• To prove that safety has not been severely compromised even when you are not compliant with regulations?
• To balance the cost and safety benefits of investments in airport structure (runway extension, re-surfacing etc.)?
• New arrival or departure procedures around an airport?
• To be sure that a high-rise building can be safely located near a busy airport?
• To assess safety culture in any of the aviation organisations?
• To set up, benchmark or improve a Safety Management System (SMS)?
• To assess how safety is organised in an entire country?
• To find the cause of an aviation incident or accident or perform a detailed analysis?
• Help with analysing flight data to find operational improvements?
• To gain some insight into aviation safety trends and into the main contributors to unsafe aviation practices?

We Have

Over 25 years experience in accident investigation and air transport safety research and consultancy. Our team consists of highly experienced safety experts, covering the whole aviation sector, ranging from academics to safety oversight inspectors, from commercial airline pilots to certified instrument procedure designers.

We also have advanced safety models and a unique database containing world-wide accident information and exposure data (weather, traffic, etc.).

Our major customers are the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF), governments, CAA’s, airports, airlines and ANSPs worldwide.

For more info please visit the website of our Air Transport Safety Institute.


Safety methods database [3,593 KB]


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