Force Life Management

Do You Need

To maximise operational readiness for your (military) aircraft? Regardless if it concerns fixed wing aircraft (fighters, trainers, transport, maritime patrol aircraft) or helicopters? Or to save costs related to line maintenance, hard time component lives, repairs and modifications? All while maintaining or increasing the currently established SAFETY level?

We Have

The knowledge and facilities to develop and conduct on-board loads and usage measurement campaigns for all sorts of military assets, e.g. aircraft, helicopters, engines, landing gears and all sorts of additional support (sub)systems. We also have the necessary hardware, expertise and experience to store, process, analyze and report relevant findings derived from the measured data. For this purpose we apply tools such as counting techniques, modal analysis, static and fatigue strength calculations, crack growth modeling, loads verification, FEM analyses, calculation of dynamic behaviour, etc.

Our expertise has been applied to: F-16 (Netherlands, Belgium, Chile, USA), Lynx SH-14D (Netherlands), CH-47D Chinook (Netherlands), AH-64D Apache (Netherlands), P-3C Orion (Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Brazil, Portugal), C-130H (Netherlands), NH-90 (Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Norway).


Force Life Management of military aircraft [1,851 KB]

Relevant Issues

Airframe fatigue
Airframe maintenance
Airframe sustainment
Condition based maintenance
Damage assessment
Engine maintenance
Engine sustainment
Fatigue cracks
Fatigue damage prognostics
Fatigue monitoring system

Finite lives
Flight regime recognition (FRR)
Force life management (FLM)
Health and usage monitoring (HUMS)
Integrated weapon system management (IWSM)
Load and usage monitoring
Load monitoring

Prognostic and health monitoring (PHM)
Reliability centred maintenance
Remaining useful life
Sponson strain
Sponson torsion
Structural health monitoring
Structural load monitoring
Usage monitoring