Flight testing

Do You Need

• Support for your own flight test programme?
• A laboratory aircraft with many provisions installed for flight testing, for example: a dedicated electrical power system, hard points for external stores, nose boom (α and β vanes, 5-hole probe), high accuracy positioning system and optical window bottom fuselage (60x60 cm, in Metroliner)?

The objectives that you have for your flight testing can be quite different: R&D, concept evaluation, performance tests, data acquisition for simulation models, demonstration to customers or stakeholders, validation of ground test data, certification.

We Have

A Cessna Citation II laboratory aircraft for flight testing of systems, sensors or procedures from and for our customers. The Citation is equipped with a state-of-the-art cockpit with options for testing customer displays (certified and experimental), controls and concepts.
We operate an internal design and approval organisation for modifications to the aircraft so we can meet customer requirements.
Additionally, we support flight test programmes on other (customer or third party) aircraft and helicopters to define efficient flight test programmes, flight test instrumentation, data acquisition and data processing.

Our Capabilities

Data link flight testing
Flexible and affordable flight testing
Flexible one-stop-shop flight testing
Flight inspection and evaluation
Flight test consultancy, training and support

Flight testing for environmental sustainability
Innovative system flight testing
New cockpit technology flight testing

Optical system flight testing
Your H2020 flight test partner
Zero-g flight testing


Flight Test Operations [900 KB]
NLR Cessna Citation II [3,033 KB]
Supporting ANSPs with CPDLC implementation [1,178 KB]
The measure of success [12,532 KB]

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