Failure analysis

Do You Need

• To know the root cause of why your component, structure or plant failed?
• To know what causes your decrease in production yield?
• To know whether your component or structure sustained damage during operations that exceeded the operational limits?
• A second opinion, an independent expert or report on failure analysis?
• Recommendations to prevent failure in the future?

We Have

• A Test House specialized in material research and engineering failure analysis on complex components
• Over 60 years of experience in aerospace and defense industry that strives for the highest safety standards
• Extensive knowledge on failure modes of materials with a specialization in:
-- structural materials
-- high temperature materials (Ni-, Co- and Ti-alloys)
-- composites
• Equipment for mechanical testing, materials analysis and fractography, which enable full analysis capabilities:
-- Dynamic and static test machines
-- Optical- and scanning electron microscopes (SEM)
-- Energy dispersive analysis of X-rays in the SEM (EDX, for analysis of the chemical composition)
-- Non-destructive testing
• Experts that do not only have the necessary know how for interpretation of the results, but who can also perform simulations to get a better insight into the overall problem
• Experts that are able to combine their knowledge on materials, production techniques and problem solving to determine the root cause of decreased production yields
• Quality assurance, traceability and reports that meet the highest international standards and give recommendation to prevent failures in the future

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